Positive displacement pumps


  • Single Screw / Progressing Cavity
    • Process transfer service for Chemical feed, polymers
    • Centrifuge charging, transfer, filter charging
  • Twin Screw
    • Used to pump Additives, Base Oils, Bitumen, Fuel/Lubricating Oils (all grades), Lyes, Molasses, Paraffin, Petroleum Products, Polyester, Residues, Soap, Vegetable Oils
  • Three Screw
    • Fuel oil service for Boilers, Furnaces
    • Fuel transfer and booster service
    • Hydraulic Duties
    • Lubricating Duty
    • Seal Oil service

3 screw pump

Twin Screw pump

Progressing cavity

Single, Progressing cavity pump


  • Mainly food materials
  • Oils

Internal gear pump


  • Diaphragm, Piston Motor pumps
  • Solenoid dosing pumps

Diaphragm motor dosing pumps

Peristaltic pumps

Piston motor dosing pumps

Solenoid dosing pumps


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